Advisory Board

IMS has appointed a governing body called the “Advisory Board” which will support the Director in developing the school. The Board includes distinguished members of the school community who will provide general counsel for Olympia Tardá and her school in matters relating to legal matters, accreditation, policy and process.

Olimpia Tardá

Owner & Director of IMS

Catherine Copeland

Director of Global EDGEucation, an expert in international primary education and special Bilingualism and Educational advisor to IMS

Antonio Canales Domínguez

Director and Managing Partner on ONE Law Firm, and the School’s legal advisor

Carolina Collado Gutierrez

Personal, Educational and Family Coach, member of the School Community

Antonio Ruiz 

Neuroscience & Marketing advisor, assisting IMS with its marketing strategy

Carmen Ortega

Founding parent at IMS

Emilian Pogaci 

Founding parent at IMS