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Are you looking for a school where your child will be happy to learn?

International Montessori School is the school for you.

Here are 10 reasons to choose International Montessori School:

  1. Stimulates the child’s natural talents. At our school we understand uniqueness, each child is unique and each child is motivated and interested in different things. We use children’s curiosity and their capacity for wonder as our tools to activate learning.
  2. Develops autonomy and independence to form self-confident children, with the ability to make decisions and critical thinking.
  3. Facilitates active learning. Children are the protagonist of their learning. They become active seekers of knowledge, free to question, investigate and make connections, which awakens their curiosity and intrinsic motivation for learning.
  4. Reinforces cooperation: Children learn to work with others, so that each student can learn from the other in an atmosphere of respect and collaboration. In this way all children feel supported and learn to resolve interpersonal conflicts in a peaceful and assertive way.
  5. Self-discipline is encouraged: In our school, mistakes are an opportunity to learn. Instead of developing a fear of mistakes, we stimulate a self-critical attitude that will motivate them to continue exploring.
  6. Unleash creativity: “The first task of education is to stir up life, but to leave it free to develop”, said Maria Montessori. In our school you will find a very enriching environment full of stimulation and freedom, so that they can give free rein to their creativity.
  7. Harnessing emotions to generate talent. Without passion there is no learning. Emotional intelligence and its conception within the paradigm of multiple intelligences generates a space for children to share, express and feel their emotions freely, which facilitates a good development of self-esteem and self-concept.
  8. Project-based learning. The use of this methodological approach favours respect for different learning rhythms, offers the opportunity to explore, discover and investigate, and encourages children to learn based on their interests and curiosities.
  9. Bilingualism by immersion: In our school, students and teachers naturally speak English or Spanish, providing a multicultural and multilingual environment that facilitates academic learning in both languages.
  10. Art and culture are tools that facilitate the exploration of new passions and experimentation and are therefore very present in our school. As Eisner said “The arts teach children that real problems often have more than one possible solution, that it is necessary to analyse tasks from different perspectives, that imagination is a powerful guide in the resolution process or that there are not always definite rules when they have to make decisions”.

In short, International Montessori School can transform the intelligence that each child possesses into talent by designing stimulating, diverse, playful learning environments that are respectful of children’s time and rhythms.

Once each child’s talent has been discovered – because no one can be good at everything but, without a doubt, we are all good at something – training, practice and systematic work habits will be the variables that allow this extraordinary individual capacity to become vital and professional excellence and, therefore, for the child to be happy learning.

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