Elementary 1 (6-9)

Elementary 1 (6-9) years

The Child

Characteristics of children ages 6-9:

The reasoning mind is very important. For every answer, the children have a question, “Why?”
By the age of six, children have a strong drive to be social and collaborative.
They have developed the social skills necessary to work in pairs and in groups and will be ready to work on projects together.
Children of this age are much better equipped to resolve conflicts by themselves.

Our Method

The Montessori Elementary curriculum was developed as an integrated whole to serve the developmental needs of children from ages 6 to 12. Dr. Montessori termed this period the second plane of development. The continuity of the curriculum allows individual children to move through the various subject areas at the pace that is best for them, building confidence and genuine self-esteem. The division of the Elementary into two stages, 6-9-year-olds and 9- 12-year-olds is based on the students’ developmental needs as they move towards adolescence. The work in the lower elementary is done with extensive Montessori material allowing the children not only to experience the depth and breadth of the curriculum but also to become comfortable with their own learning styles.
Our goal is to help them to think by themselves and learn how to learn.

In this stage of their education, children learn abstract concepts & develop an enormous desire to learn about their world & culture. The starting point for their study are the five Great Lessons.

The History of the Universe, The Development of Life, The Development of Man, Communication and Writing and The History of Numbers.

These five lessons give children the big picture of earth science, geography, history, physics, language, mathematics, music and art, all of which stimulate and inspire them to explore the subjects further and work on their own. 

Our Curriculum

The children learn Mathematics, language, Spanish, English, Biology, Geography, History, Technology, Sensorial and Practical life lessons.
Specialist teachers also introduce French, Performing Arts, Art and Creativity, Physical Education,
Emotional Intelligence, Health and Food Education and Environmental Studies.

Dual Language

International Montessori School is a dual-language bilingual school.
Children will be introduced to all the activities they learn in Spanish in English and vice-versa (all different areas included in our curriculum),
we always use two languages in our environments. The curriculum covers comprehension and production of oral text
and comprehension and production of written text. Children also learn French.

Daily Timetable

Monday to Friday 09:00 until 16:00
Breakfast club -07:30 until 09:00 – This facility is included within the program. *
IMS also offers an afternoon club until 18:00

School Fees

Monday to Friday 9:00 until 16:00 Breakfast club -07:30 until 09:00 – This facility is included within the program. *IMS also afternoon club until 18:00