Emotional Intelligence Training

International Montessori School Sotogrande

Emotional intelligence is one of the basic skills for successfully facing life. While it is true that some people are more intuitive, empathetic and sociable than others, Emotional Intelligence is a capacity that can be developed. 

We help our students learn to understand the importance of their actions and the impact on others. We show them models of positive behaviour which they are able to understand and make their own. Any child who has an average IQ, but high emotional intelligence, will perform better academically and have a better chance of success in life in both the workplace and in personal relationships.

We help them to reflect on what is happening in their lives in an objective and constructive way, and help them with strategies to  control their aggression and other adverse reactions and inappropriate behaviours. This training at school will help children establish better relationships with those around them at home too, better able to express emotions and feelings in the appropriate way. Understanding these emotions enables children to be more attentive and able to manage different situations which are presented to them on a daily basis.