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Is the Montessori Method Right for My Child?

It is unlikely that a method characterized by its adaptability to the individual differences of each child would not be suitable for any particular child. Below, we will name the most relevant characteristics of this method in relation to its ability to adapt to each child:

  • Active Role of the Child: The child plays an active role, while adults become guides, with the mission of ensuring a suitable environment where affection, understanding, and trust prevail.
  • Promotes Cognitive Development: It favors the development of the child’s cognitive functions, especially creativity, while enhancing social skills and fostering autonomy.
  • Individually Paced Activities: Activities are designed for each child to carry out individually according to their learning pace.
  • Stimulates Extensive Cognitive Development: Montessori stimulates the nearly unlimited development of a child’s cognitive abilities. In practice, children can learn as much as they are able to assimilate, since they manage their own learning through the educational resources provided by adults. With no standards to follow, children are free to unleash their creativity, imagination, memory, attention, and thinking.

Considering these characteristics, it is clear that this method is valid for any child, no matter how varied their personalities, qualities, and interests may be. As long as we prioritize the child, the scope of learning will be greater.

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