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The International Montessori School is centrally located in Sotogrande offering a unique bilingual education for children from 5 months to 9 years old. Children learn both Spanish and English in beautiful, spacious surroundings with bilingual teachers to guide them. Our NEW Elementary II Class for 9 to 12-year-olds will be opening in Sept 2022.

Mission & Vision

We believe that from the very beginning and throughout life, education constitutes the basis for transforming society.

Our Story

The International Montessori School has grown from its small beginnings as a Spanish nursery school into the …

The Montessori Way

Dra. Maria Montessori made a lifelong study of children from all racial, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. As both…

Our Education

The school is a member of the Spanish Montessori Society and accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). The school is also licensed by Junta de Andalucia as a Centro de Enseñanza extranjera de educación infantil y primaria, and follows the language standards as laid down by them, as well as using the American Common Core curriculum.

Nido (5-18 months)

The Montessori Nido is a calm, cosy, homelike environment for babies. “Nido,” which means “nest” in Italian.  captures the idea of warmth and security.

Infant Community (18m to 3 years)

Imagine your 18 month old child eating on her own with a spoon, putting on and taking off her coat without help, or at 24 months helping a smaller friend with her shoes?

Children´s House (3-6 years)

By the age of six, children have a strong drive to be social and collaborative. They have developed the social skills necessary to work in pairs and in groups and will be ready to work on projects together.

Elementary 1 (6-9 years)

By the age of six, children have a strong drive to be social and collaborative. They have developed the social skills necessary to work in pairs and in groups and will be ready to work on projects together.

Elementary 11 (9-12 years)

This next stage of our school will open in September 2022. More information will follow soon.

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What People are Saying about IMS

“My child has attended the school for nearly 3 years now. The teachers and staff are all welcoming, knowledgeable and offer great support to the children’s development. My child enjoys the extra activities the school offers as part of its normal day to day services such as music lessons, yoga and hopes the Friday trips can resume following covid. We also use the summer camp which is great fun and means my child can see if friends in a safe and secure environment.”
Kaylie Clegg
We love this nursery and we are so happy to have been able to get a space for our son. Our son started at 5 months and I was put at ease straight away. The staff are lovely and very attentive to his needs. He is always happy to be there and has a huge smile always. We get weekly photos and updates to see the activities and fun the week has brought. Fantastic location, environment, staff and students. We look forward to many years to come at Nanitos. Thanks to all.
Isobel Hanning
I love this school very much. Each student is given special attention. My son first went to the nursery here, and now to school. My son is happy to come here. Very interesting topics of classes! I recommend this place to everyone
Victoria Zinovieva
What better proof that this is the perfect school for us than the fact that our children are upset when they cannot go to school on Saturday mornings… :)) Our twin boys have been with IMS for 2 years now and I am amazed every week by their progress and the enthusiasm they show towards school projects and activities. The teachers are wonderful, very inventive and caring! IMS is definitely more than a school to us, it is a second home for our boys and we are so happy we found this place.
Stefana Bota
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