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IMS Sotogrande: Why Early Childhood Education Matters

A closer look at our Nido and Infant Community at IMS Sotogrande

In the foundational years of a child’s life, every experience shapes their future. At IMS Sotogrande, we cherish these early years, offering tailored programs in our Nido (5-18 months) and Infant Community (18 months to 3 years). Our approach goes beyond traditional education, focusing on holistic growth through practical life activities, fostering language and motor skills, and cultivating independence within a Montessori setting.

Early Childhood Education:                    

The significance of Early Childhood Education cannot be overstated. In our Nido program, we create a nurturing environment for our youngest learners, focusing on sensory and motor development. As they grow and step into the Infant Community, the focus expands to include language development and independence, essential for their evolving personalities and skills. This stage is critical, as children begin to absorb and interpret the world around them, laying the groundwork for their future.

Independence and movement:

In our Infant Community, independence is a key goal. Through engaging activities like dressing, food preparation, and tidying, children develop not only practical skills but also gain confidence and a sense of accomplishment. These activities, integral to the Montessori method, enhance fine motor skills and coordination, forming a foundation for academic abilities such as writing and mathematics.

Practical Life

The power of practical life activities:

Practical Life activities stand at the heart of our curriculum. These simple yet impactful tasks do more than teach; they build life skills. Children learn to focus, establish order, and take pride in completing tasks. These experiences cultivate independence, respect for their surroundings, and an understanding of their role in the community, all while enhancing their physical dexterity.

Engaging Activities

Tailoring the learning experience:

At IMS Sotogrande, we recognise the uniqueness of each child’s learning journey. Our programs are customised to meet the individual needs and pace of every child, ensuring a personal experience. Our dedicated educators are skilled in observing and adapting to the needs of each child, fostering an environment where every learner can thrive.

Get to know IMS Sotogrande

At IMS Sotogrande, we’re committed to making these years impactful and enriching in a safe and nurturing environment.  If you are interested to learn more about our school we invite you to book a tour to see our Early Childhood Education and beautiful classrooms first hand. Contact our team today – See you soon. 🙂

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