Lunch &
Health Education

We have a passion for teaching our children about good food, how to grow it, how to prepare it, and how to enjoy it. We believe in a healthy, balanced, nutritious diet, low in sugar and want to encourage our children to eat as healthily as possible at all times. 

Linked to the food we provide, we have designed educational activities to expand our students’ knowledge of the food they eat, where it comes from and their health in general. We help them to develop personal values and attitudes that promote well-being in order for them to make responsible decisions. All our menus are developed by a nutrition expert and consist of three courses for lunch and healthy fruit snacks during the day. We are currently creating a garden on the terrace in order to grow vegetables and  to develop this part of our curriculum which will help children understand how to make healthy food choices. 

A glimpse into lunchtime will show you that the children are involved in both the serving and clearing away of their food, and that they have a real enjoyment of sitting down together and eating. The food is carefully prepared and delivered each day by a local team of chefs.

A typical lunch menu: 

Pumpkin soup, Grilled chicken and green beans, Fresh fruit or yoghurt

A typical seasonal Snack: 

Strawberries, clementines, persimmon fruit.