Our Story

“20 years ago I was looking for a nursery school for my son, I wanted a place where the children’s learning pace was respected, where their needs and interests were taken into account, a place where the teacher would forget his role of “we are going to teach you” for the role of “we are going to learn”, …. And as I couldn’t find it, I created it for him. ” Olimpia Tardá, Founder.

Accompanying my children in their educational process, and of course, yours has become my purpose in life. As Maria Montessori said, ´education from childhood can change the course of society and I firmly believe in the possibility of a better society for our children today´. This is my history and my dream and beyond all my qualifications and experience, what really matters is what lies in the heart.”

What matters most to us are the values that run through the whole school community:

  • A love for learning
  • Self-respect and respect for others
  • Self-knowledge and the search for our inner talents
  • Volunteering, effort and perseverance
  • Finding our purpose

During all these years, I have managed numerous nursery schools, both public (E.I. Puente de Hierro in Guadiaro and E.I. Villa Carmela in Puente Mayorga) and private (Centros Infantiles Nanitos, La ludogranja, Centro Kids and Us) in different towns in the region, and I have continued training in various disciplines because I believe that training should always accompany us throughout our lives. I am a psychologist, speech therapist, with a Master’s Degree in Nursery School Management, in Montessori School Administration, Coach, Positive Discipline Educator, …. but beyond my qualifications and experience, what really matters is what lies behind them, the values that move me and that permeate everything I do at school:

  • Love for learning.
  • Will, effort and perseverance.
  • Respect for others and for oneself.
  • Understanding failures as part of the learning process.
  • Self-awareness and the search for our talents.
  • Responsibility.
  • Commitment.
  • Solidarity.
  • Autonomy.
  • Honesty.
Olimpia Tardá Montessori School Sotogrande

“This is our history, this is me, these are our values and the Sotogrande International Montessori School is my dream and that of all the people who work here.

If today our school is a reality, it is thanks to all the staff who have accompanied me throughout all these years and, of course, thanks to all the families who have trusted in our work as educators and have chosen us to accompany them in the process of educating their children. And, of course, to the parents who in recent years have participated in the foundation and growth of the school, showing absolute confidence in this new project that we started a few years ago and which, I am fully convinced, we will make grow together. ” Olimpia Tardá.