María Jesica Jimenez Fortes, Educator at International Montessori School in Sotogrande, Spain

María Jesica Jimenez Fortes


I graduated as an Early childhood education teacher in 2014, and started to give private lessons to primary and secondary students. I realised that there was something I didn´t really agree with in the traditional methodology adopted by most schools so I started studying for a Masters in Montessori pedagogy from which I have learned that another type of education is possible.

I’m the oldest in a large family of siblings and cousins, and was always considered the leader; I believe this is where my passion for working with children comes from. Working in a Montessori school has taught me how wonderful it is to help students to be autonomous and independent, and how they themselves guide us in their learning. Working here has given me the opportunity to take a big step in my profession and make me like it even more. I love my work and I continue to train both in this methodology and in English.