Vanessa Coso

Montessori Guide

My name is Vanessa, I started my career studying a Diploma in childcare and early years education and I did my internship in Torino Italia at Scuolo Comunale dell infanzia Varallo where I witnessed an alternative education to the traditional one. Then, I studied for a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Years Foundation Stage for 3 years at the University of Seville. Meanwhile, I was working at some nursery schools. I moved to England in 2014 in order to improve my English and go further in my future as a teacher. I worked as an au pair for a year and a half as I went to Rode Pre-school as a volunteer.
In 2015 I had the opportunity to work in a small Montessori setting and it is there through the Montessori philosophy, that I found a method that truly speaks to everything I had searched for in Education. I took a two-year course with International Montessori Institute to become a Children House Guide and I also became a Positive Discipline parent Educator.

I believe in Montessori education as an education that can transform society into a better world.