Viviane Dumont, Montessori Guide and Director of Studies at International Montessori School in Sotogrande, Spain

Viviane Dumont

Montessori Guide and Director of Studies​

I have a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and a diploma in the Montessori Method of Education and have been working as a certified pre-school teacher since 2007. I have worked both in Europe and Asia with children from 0 to 6 years old. It was whilst living and working in Asia that I discovered the beautiful and amazing Montessori method. It was there that I studied Montessori pedagogy and was trained in an International Montessori preschool. I became the Head of that school and stayed there 4 years. Then my family and I decided it was time to explore another country and we arrived in Spain.

I have been in this school since 2016. I am passionate about my work and believe that children have this spectacular capacity to learn very quickly and that the most important years are between birth and 6 years old when their minds are like sponges. I believe that we adults can work with children in a peaceful, harmonious and respectful environment.

Children are our future and I believe they really love to learn.