Sara Martín, Educator at International Montessori School in Sotogrande, Spain

Sara Martín


My name is Sara and I’m an Early Childhood Education teacher. I joined the school in March 2016, where I made a personal and professional metamorphosis: I met the Montessori Method. Since then I have seen how this tribe has grown to become the school it is today, with me a part of it. I am qualified as a Montessori Assistant for the Children’s House by the International Montessori Association (AMI) and I am currently training as a Montessori Guide from 3 to 6 years old and building on my experience in Nido and Infant Community to prepare activities and use the Montessori materials.

Guiding the little hands that one day will be able to change the world is something great, wonderful and rewarding. My work for and by children encourages me to question myself, to want something better and to not stop learning every day.

“Choose a job that you like and you won’t have to work a single day of your life”