Carta a nuestro nuevo alumno:a - Profesora y estudiante en clase - International Montessori School en Sotogrande, Cádiz

Letter to our new student

You will feel that many things have changed, you now spend time without mom and dad and you begin to realize how much you are capable of without help. We love getting to know you, watching you grow and develop your talents and personality.

Our Promise

We promise you that we will not intervene if it is not necessary, that we will let you be who you want to be and that you will learn that no one is like you and you are unique.


You will live great experiences and moments, many of them will help you to grow, to understand the world around you and to understand the people who accompany us on our journey. You will discover that there are things that you love and others that you don’t like and then you will feel the freedom to start choosing your path.

New People

You will meet people like you and you will see how different we are, we don’t always like the same things, we don’t always understand each other when we talk, even though we use the same language and we don’t feel the same way. Therefore, you will learn about respect, about love and acceptance and about how differences are as beautiful and necessary as similarities.


You will learn that order, limits and rules are necessary because they help us to know what we should and should not do at each moment. Routine means that every day we will do things in an order and that sometimes it may seem to you that the days are very similar, and so you will learn that in life everything flows when you know where you are going.

Feeling at Home

A few days will pass and you will begin to feel that the school is a place that makes you feel at home, where above all, you feel safe, loved and happy. A warm and welcoming place where every day you are greeted expectantly to share something new, where you will receive love in the way you choose, whether with hugs, laughter or complicit glances and where above all, you will feel the pride and admiration that your achievements awaken in the entire Imss team.

Thank You!

Thank you for letting us meet you, for everything you are going to teach us, for everything we are going to laugh, for everything we are going to feel, for everything we are going to enjoy together.


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