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Montessori Summer Camp

Is your child bored at home all summer? Does it seem like too much time without routine? Do you want your child to have the opportunity to interact with other children? We give you 10 reasons why a summer camp is your best choice.
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Going to summer camp brings our children and young people many advantages, depending on the objective for which the camp has been designed. There is a great diversity of camps in terms of the themes addressed in the development of the same, such as language camp, multi-adventure, nautical, sports, etc. but all of them provide indistinctly positive values to the participants, here are the 10 reasons to go to camp, but there are many more:

  1. They will meet new friends.
  2. They will reinforce their confidence and self-esteem, they will spend time away from home.
  3. They will discover what it means to live in society, interacting with other participants, increasing the values of respect and tolerance.
  4. They will encourage respect for the environment, as well as having direct contact with nature.
  5. They will develop skills and abilities through games and tests.
  6. They will learn new games, workshops, sports and rules different from those they are used to in their daily lives.
  7. They will live and experience new sensations, discovering new places and activities.
  8. They will acquire maturity, they will abide by the rules established in the camp, as well as in the carrying out of each of the activities.
  9. Eagerness to excel, participants will have to overcome goals set from the first day.
  10. Lots of fun!
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Did you know that IMS organises a BILINGUAL camp to learn English and Spanish together with Kids & Us?

If your child is between 4 months and 10 years old we have the perfect camp to learn a second language while having fun and discovering different themes every week.

Psychomotricity activities, theatre workshop, storytelling, crafts, theme songs, creation of a thematic notebook that the children complete during the week. Lunch and snack included and, in addition, weekly excursions: included in the price!


0-3 years:

3-10 years: Phone: +34 677169656

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