Do you want your child to have a passion for reading? We give you the keys to make it happen.

  1. Be their best example. A child spends most of his time watching his parents and role models. If they appreciate your passion for reading, you will awaken their interest.
  2. Let the child choose his or her books. This is an opportunity to work on decision making, to make plans such as visiting a library or bookshop and to respect their tastes and hobbies.
  3. Trendy books. Bestsellers also appeal to children, not just adults. Try to offer them the books that all the kids are talking about, so they can not only read, but also discuss them with their friends.
  4. Read them stories and tales. To understand the passion for reading, they must first love the stories told, the endless stories, the made-up stories. Share quality time with your child with a good book.
  5. Encourage them to share their books. Share their hobby with other children, visit a book club, exchange opinions, in short, create bonds of union through reading.
  6. Reading forum. Set up one day a month to share the stories you have read, exchange opinions, develop a critical conscience… 
  7. Create a space. A small mackerel, a flexo light, a rug and cushions, an accessible bookshelf and a lot of imagination and voila, enjoy your quiet space.
  8. Encourage them to create their own stories. Making up stories or writing stories is the premise of any lover of reading, and with the overflowing imagination of a child… all the ingredients are there.
  9. Introduce them to series or trilogies: It is common for children to become lifelong readers after being hooked by reading a series. And there are a lot of good series that keep children very interested in the next book.
  10. Reading comics counts too: Graphic novels are some of the hottest trends in children’s publishing and can get kids hooked on reading.

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